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I have never waited more than a few minutes to see someone. They're so diligent and helpful. I came in with a slew of dental issues and the fantastic folks here were about to create a care plan that would get me and my teeth back in shape.

Ryan S. Avatar
Ryan S.

I recommend this office to everyone! The staff are super friendly, patient, and good at their jobs. I’ve never had more than a 5 minute wait.

Jenny R. Avatar
Jenny R.

The staff is all very friendly and professional. Kylie went out of her way to get my dental impressions done way sooner than expected. I will recommend Aledo Family Dental to everyone I know.

Jennifer C. Avatar
Jennifer C.

An amazing, caring, compassionate staff at Aledo Family Dentistry!! So professional and genuinely interested in serving its customers! They are so good at talking you through all they are going to do and you always know ahead of time what their services will cost. Wonderful staff !!!

Kent H. Avatar
Kent H.

Everyone is always so friendly and nice at Aledo Family Dentistry. Thank you!

Chris S. Avatar
Chris S.

You know what everything is going to cost ahead of time, they do everything they can to work with you and your schedule, and if you can find a friendlier staff I will eat my left shoe. I can't praise them enough.

Slime G. Avatar
Slime G.

positive review We have always been pleased going here! The new dentist is super nice and a great sense of humor. Our dental hygienist is our regular lady and she’s amazing with Easton and super nice as well. Everyone from the time you walk in is so kind

Lindsey K. Avatar
Lindsey K.

I absolutely love the service and treatment that myself and son received here! So glad to find a family office that truly made us feel welcome! You girls are awesome!

B W. Avatar
B W.

Such a caring and professional team! They were able to get my husband in to have a tooth pulled in 20 minutes!! They were booked, but knew he would have a hard time making it till Tuesday. Great service, friendly staff!! Thank you all!!

Laura D. Avatar
Laura D.

positive review 5 stars. Staff was friendly and professional. Doctor was professional and very helpful and informative.

Bob B. Avatar
Bob B.

positive review Love, love, LOVE Aledo Family Dentistry’s team!! The new doctor is fabulous... love her!

Shelly O. Avatar
Shelly O.

positive review Extremely Friendly, Very Competent. Staff and Doctors very helpful

Kevin K. Avatar
Kevin K.

positive review 5 stars!
Pleased with whole visit, I felt my exam was very thorough, everything was explained before being done, super nice staff, very nice clean office. Thank you Aledo Family Dentistry!

Diana C. Avatar
Diana C.

positive review fabulous Dr.& staff,beautiful new office, they make you feel so comfortable!

Janalee S. Avatar
Janalee S.

positive review Always a pleasant experience, knowledgeable and friendly staff!! As a special needs mom, I see all the ‘extras’ they put in when treating my daughter with autism. One time during their renovations, when the rooms were being changed around, they sent me pictures so that I could prepare my daughter ahead of time for the changes in the space. This really helped prepare her for the changes in environment when she was already so anxious. That meant a lot to this mom!!

Dr Meredith and the entire staff are so caring and we walk out with clean smiles but happy ones too!!

Penny N. Avatar
Penny N.

positive review Very friendly staff and we love our Dentist and assistants!!!

Dee B. Avatar
Dee B.

I chipped my front tooth and call the dentist and got a appointment the next day. I was in and out well I'm very nice new tooth. Staff is very friendly. What I like most they let you know what the prices or cost of everything is going to be so there are no surprises

Dixie M. Avatar
Dixie M.

positive review what a wonderful place! I have been a patient here for many years. I highly recommend this office!

Jeanne S. Avatar
Jeanne S.

Compassionate, professional care from friendly people. Even in their new facility with new equipment the cost was HALF the price I was quoted from my previous provider. Apples to Apples. L...

Lance S. Avatar
Lance S.

positive review Wonderful staff and atmosphere. Highly recommend Aledo Family Dentistry to anyone who is looking for a caring dentist and positive dental experience!

JoeandBrooke L. Avatar
JoeandBrooke L.

positive review Aledo Family Dentistry is amazing! The staff is so caring, gentle and knowledgeable. My teeth always look and feel wonderful after my visits! Thank you for taking such good care of your patients, Aledo Family Dentistry!

Alison C. Avatar
Alison C.

positive review awesome staff they explain everything to you very little wait time. office is very clean

Sindy B. Avatar
Sindy B.

positive review Very professional and courteous service. Love their updated equipment! Made my experience comfortable and pain free.

Kathy O. Avatar
Kathy O.

positive review The new office is beautiful!!

Faith E. Avatar
Faith E.

positive review I drive over an hour every appointment because I trust the Dr and her staff! The team is very knowledgeable and extremely nice with their customers. HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Scott B. Avatar
Scott B.

positive review Most of my life, I have hated going to the dentist. But not here! All the ladies are so pleasant. I don't believe there is a surly person working there. And I am so proud of my teeth now! Dr. Meredith and her crew are all Lu-Lus. You won't be sorry for choosing them.

Sandra G. Avatar
Sandra G.

positive review wonderful staff and caring dentist

Lisa L. Avatar
Lisa L.

positive review Wonderful Dr and staff❤️. Beautiful new office! Miss you guys!!!!!

Mindy D. Avatar
Mindy D.

positive review what an amazing group of people highly recommended

Toni M. Avatar
Toni M.

positive review Very friendly and caring staff!

Heather T. Avatar
Heather T.

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